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Thousands of au pairs could share in $65.5 million U.S. settlement

(Reuters) - About 100,000 au pairs who traveled to the United States to provide child care for American families could share in a...

Thousands of U.S. troops could be sent to Mexico border: sources

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thousands of U.S. troops may be headed to the border with Mexico ahead of a caravan of migrants trekking toward...

Thousands endure blazing Arizona heat to view Senator John McCain’s casket

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Thousands of admirers of the late Senator John McCain stood in line for hours on Wednesday in the blazing Arizona...

Thousands of U.S. asylum claims in doubt after Sessions’ decision

(Reuters) - New limitations on asylum imposed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions could invalidate tens of thousands of pending claims brought by...

Colorado wildfire doubles in size, thousands evacuated

(Reuters) - A largely unchecked Colorado wildfire nearly doubled in size from Saturday to Sunday, prompting a fresh round of evacuations, with the...