Family Law Attorney


    In any modification of child support there must be a judge to approve and legally enforce the order. The custodial and non custodial parent can not legalize any agreement when modification for child support is involved without any judge. In any change of agreement the court must be requested to hold a hearing in which each of the party can argu the pros and cons of the proposed modification. In such hearing, both parties need to be represented by their lawyers like the Detroit family law attorney. In general, the court will not modify any existing order without the parent proposing the modification without showing any changed circumstances. This rule encourages stability of arrangement and helps prevent the court from becoming overburdened with frequent and repetitive requests.

    This means that there must always be a Detroit family law attorney in settling modification of child support. The custodial and the non custodial parent must learn how to respect the decisions of the judge or the law that is enforced this rule. Modification may be treated as temporary or permanent depending upon the changed circumstances to be submitted by the custodial parent. A child's medical emergency and the payer's temporary incapacity to pay, like for instance, because of illness or an additional financial burden such as a medical emergency or job loss or temporary economic or medical hardship on the part of the recipient parent are some of the circumstances that can be modified as and treated as temporary.

    When the parties involved seek the assistance of a judge through their Detroit family law attorney in determining the child support, the non custodial parent may submit some changed circumstances that can be considered as permanent modification and will be or she can avoid some future problems that might come out. Some of these circumstances include situations such as if either of the parents receive additional income from their remarriage, changes in child support laws, and job change of either parent or change in the needs of the child. All these can be taken into consideration to modify permanently the child support of the child. A permanent modification of a child support order will remain in effect until support is no longer required or the order is modified at a later time, or again, because of some changed circumstances.

    In settling disputes concerning child support modification either permanent or temporary there is always a need of a Detroit family law attorney to approve and enforce any agreement that will take place between the custodial and non custodial parent or to any parties involved in that agreement. Without approval of a judge this will be null and void and may cause future problems for both parties that may affect the children involve.

    Source by Clifford Young