Getting An Easy Divorce In Florida


    Clients often ask if a Florida "Easy Divorce" is attainable. Of course it is – whenever both husband and wife can agree to make the process work. A Florida "Easy Divorce" will not be possible if one of the parties wants to make things difficult. Just like every other state, Florida has mandatory rules that have to be met in order to be awarded a divorce. There is just no getting around this.

    It can be asked, how might one of the spouses obstruct the Florida "Easy Divorce"? By contesting matters which need to be approved to, including divorce grounds, or in contesting matters including (a) how the property will be divided, (b) how the children's residence will be determined and when each parent will have parenting time, or ( c) how much child support should be remitted under the law.

    Each and every issue that is required to be addressed to obtain the Florida divorce could be contested. And so, if either party would like to delay or prevent an "Easy Divorce", that is very possible.

    Conversely, every family law matter can be resolved by an agreement. When both you and your spouse can agree to a Florida divorce, you must amicably agree on all of the outstanding issues and then the parties can enter into Florida "Easy Divorce". And so, the first topic that you need to resolveought to be while each of the parties will actually work out the issues in order to obtain a Florida "Easy Divorce".

    After both parties have agreed that you would like to obtain a Florida "Easy Divorce", the two of you should figure out the best way to get the required court documents finished, served and filed. One common way to accomplish this is to retain a single lawyer to represent both parties and to finish the court documents. Some individuals are not comfortable working with just one attorney and prefer to have independent advise from their own attorney. But, it is also common to engage two attorneys and to direct one attorney to prepare all of the Florida divorce court documents that are necessary, then have the other attorney review the divorce documents.

    Another way to acquire a Florida "Easy Divorce" is to agree to use one of the online dispute or separation forms services to obtain all of the papers that are necessary. You may locate an online divorce or separation forms service from one of the many that are available today. When you employ such a divorce service, you can rest assured that you will be obtaining the divorce documents that are relevant to the state of Florida.

    If you and your spouse want to use an online divorce or separation forms service to take care of your Florida "Easy Divorce", you have your choice of hiring a service provider from three different type of services that are available. One type of online divorce or separation forms service will send you the blank forms for a Florida divorce. All of these blank forms arrive accompanied by instructions on how to complete them with the proper information, however, you will have to complete them on your own.

    An alternative type of service is an online divorce or separation forms "complete form preparation" service. This kind of service will ask that you or your spouse fill out a question concerning your marriage. Then, this kind of online divorce or separation forms service would actually complete all of the necessary Florida dispute forms for you and return them to you with instructions on how you should go about filing all of the divorce documents.

    The third type of online divorce or separation forms service is a "complete" service provider and usually this type of service is provided by law firms. This category of online divorce or separation forms service will have you complete questions, complete the necessary forms for your matter, get all of the necessary signatures from both parties, and then file the legal papers that are required by law. This type of divorce service is usually more expensive than the other types because you or your spouse must actually pay all of the mandated state filing fees to this service. When using the other two types of online divorce or separation forms services, you or your spouse must pay all of the filing fees directly to the court because you submit all of your own forms.

    Source by Jean Mahserjian