Florida DUI Defense Costs


    DUI (driving under the influence) is a grave offense in Florida and may be considered as an offense or traffic crime or even felony in some cases. An arrest under DUI may mean having an everlasting criminal record, fine, community service, loss of license, vehicle immobilization, higher insurance rates and may even include implicationment. As per the law prevalent in Florida, every person driving a motor vehicle needs to furnish an claimed consented to undergo a chemical breath test on being suspected of DUI by an official. Blood tests and urine tests may be undertaken for determining the level of alcohol in blood and urine. Refusal to undergo these tests may result in confiscation of the driving license for a year.

    Several official procedures are involved when arrested under DUI. Individuals may hire services of a good DUI attorney under these circumstances, who would be able to provide good defense and prevent or minimizeize conviction charges. DUI attorneys are generally familiar with procedures for breath tests, blood analysis, and urine analysis. They would be able to guide their clients through such procedures with minimum discomfort.

    Services of an expert, efficient lawyer may generally come at a price. It is often seen that many high profile DUI attorneys charge exorbitant fees for defending their clients. Confidence of winning the case and years of experience lead them to charge such high rates.

    Most lawyers are agreeable to work on contingency basis. Fee charges may be set at a prearranged percentage of whatever the compensation or claim amount may be if the contract is based on contingency. Individuals need not pay the attorney's fees if claim is not refunded. Paying on contingency can enable people to hire the services of an expensive attorney even though they may not have enough financial resources available to pay for it.

    Source by Max Bellamy