Patents and Trademark Registration


    As an inventor, or individual who has come up with a great idea, you must get a patent and register to ensure you get the trademark registration, so that no one or no company can steal your idea. You have to take the proper steps to ensure your name is tied to the product, service, or invention, and to ensure it is properly registered, so that no one else can use the idea that you have come up with, without your permission, or without first paying you some type of royalty for the use of the idea.

    Turn to an Attorney

    If you have a multi-million dollar idea, you may want to consider turning to a professional to get the trademark registration completed with. An attorney is not only going to know the proper steps to take, but they are also going to do it in a timely fashion to ensure no one else can jump on board and take the credit for your creation. Although there are online sites you can register your trademark with, if you hire a professional, they are going to ensure things are done correctly, fees are paid on time, and that there is no possibility for any delay in you getting the trademark, due to the fact that you did something incorrectly if you had chosen to register online.

    Federal & State

    Depending on the creation, and where you plan on selling the product, there are different types of trademark registration to choose from. If you are only selling the item in a local market, it will be different from going throughout the US. There are even broader patents and trademark options that are going to allow you to go global, and take your creation anywhere, so you have to know the difference, and where you will have protections. You have to consider these factors, as well as what you are planning to do and where you plan to distribute, in order to ensure you do make the right decisions.

    Get Advice

    Although today you can do everything online, if it is a big idea, or something ground breaking, you should definitely opt to talk to a professional and have an attorney work on the trademark registration on your behalf. Although it is going to cost you, it is the only sure way to know things are being done correctly, and that everything is going to be done in a timely fashion. Additionally, when you turn to the top law firms, they are going to guarantee you an affordable rate, when the time comes for all filing and processing fees to be paid.

    Depending on your idea, how you want to go about getting a trademark, and how quickly you want things done, there are a number of options an inventor can create. Considering these factors will help you in getting the item trademarked, and getting things underway when you do want to sell your product locally, nationally, or even internationally.

    Source by Thomas M Johanson