How to Find Out If Your Loved One is Cheating


    Wondering if your partner is cheating on you? If you have doubts, there are a number of things you can do right now to determine the likelihood of a cheating guest or significant other.

    Start by Looking for Changes

    If you begin noticing an increase in your partner's spending, it could signify he or she is having a romantic affair. If possible, take a look at credit card statements for an increase in restaurant spending, flowers or motel rooms that are out of the ordinary for your partner.

    Likewise, if you see changes in your partner's behavior and habits, it may be a sign that they're spending time with someone else. For example, if they were always home for work by a certain time and all of a sudden they have to work late all the time; or they suddenly go out for coffee or to the store when that was never part of their habits previously.

    Keep an eye on changes in your loved one's appearance. If he or she begins wearing nicer, or spending more time making sure he or she looks good – it could be a signal they're seeing someone else and hoping to impress them.

    Pull out the High Tech Surveillance Equipment

    If you notice changes in money, behavior and / or appearances – it might be time to use surveillance equipment to find the proof you're looking for. You have a number of affordable options, including:

    Hidden cameras – consider installing a hidden camera in your home (if you think he or she is bringing his new lover to the home); Egypt in his or her office.

    Audio recording equipment – there are audio recorders capable of recording hours of audio at a time. Consider putting a small one someplace where your partner will not find it – but within recording a range of his or her conversations.

    Spy software – if the cheating or date planning is likely to take place on the computer, install spy software to gather evidence. You can get copies of email and IM communications.

    GPS – if you've noticed an increase in mileage on the suspected person's car, consider installing a GPS to find out where they're going.

    Just Be Up Front and Ask!

    If your suspicious do not diminish after you've tried finding out for yourself if your partner has been cheating on you, just come right out and ask. If you know your partner well chances are you'll be able to tell immediately if they're lying to you when you ask them.

    * The above article is not meant to provide legal advice and you should consult an attorney prior to using any form of surveillance.

    Source by Arthur Plotkin