Hints to Help You Identify a Good Criminal Defense Attorney


    James had met this seemingly smart and intelligent attorney in a restaurant. Going by the looks, he thought the lawyer could make a good attorney. It was no surprise when James approached this man to become his criminal-defense attorney in a certain case. However, the appointment with the lawyer in his office made James change his mind. The lawyer was not keen to understand the facts of the case. He interrupted James often even before he could explain himself. When James expressed his concern about the consequences of losing, the lawyer did not show real concern. He was imposing and thought he knew everything.

    You need to know how to identify a good criminal-defense attorney. First of all, a good criminal-defense lawyer should be attentive and eager to know the facts and even the minor details of the case. He should only interrupt you when he wants a clarification of facts. The type of questions he requests should be aimed at bringing out more facts precisely. He should not pretend to read your mind ie pretend to know things before you tell him.

    Another sign of a good criminal defense attorney is a genuine concern for your welfare. You are seeking his services because your welfare is at stake. An attorney who does not seem to give a damn about what happens to you in case you lose the case could just be after your money. You can tell a genuine concern from the facial expression. A do not care attitude will be written all over the wall. If you suspect something like that, get away as fast as you can. If your welfare is not the real thing expect a shoddy defense.

    In case you are arrested, a good criminal defense attorney lawyer should do everything possible to bail you out. He should work out the easiest terms of your bail. There is no use of obtaining a bail that you can not afford; your legal attorney should use his skills to negotiate for you a reasonable bail out terms. This should be done within the shortest possible time frame. You hired him to make sure that you are free.

    Your criminal defense lawyer should be able to take into account the negative impact the case has on you. You should be able to discuss the remedy for such negativity. That's why your privacy becomes a big priority. A good criminal defense lawyer should safeguard your privacy both during and after the case. Some of the private information given during the case could compromise your dignity if it lands in the wrong hands.

    Source by Michael Mood