How A Trademark Attorney Will Help You


    Want to register a trademark? Trademark registration needs awareness of the procedures and law, so it is very much essential that you hire an attorney who has extensive expertise. Choose an attorney who offers individual attention to your trademark matters, including every facet of trademark searching and filing.

    To begin your search for an attorney, never choose one based only upon a lawyer referral service or advertising. Usually, lawyer referral services may not evaluate abilities of an attorney in their listings. Few people use advertising services to find a trademark attorney, but this is also a poor method of finding.

    The attorney you find should be well educated in trademark law and has extensive experience in giving trademark services. Better to search for graduates of law schools that are renowned for their programs on intellectual property. Finding a good lawyer can help you with several facets of filing a trademark and services, such as:

    1. A trademark attorney will help you when finding a trademark slogan or a product name trademark. Simply, the lawyer orders a report of your trademark search. Then he/she counsels you on the outcomes of trademark search and explains you whether it is secure to continue with using the planned mark. During the counseling, you can ask questions like: how to obtain a trademark, what the cost of registering, and how to trademark a slogan or a logo.

    2. Then the attorney helps you in drafting your trademark application. Make sure the lawyer pays special attention on the report of the product like services and goods. How the attorney drafts this can greatly influence how most likely you are for registering a trademark.

    3. The lawyer helps you in ensuring that the trademark application form is thorough, such as the attorney should evaluate the sample and the drawing page to verify that they assure the needs of USPTO. The case may vary slightly based on whether the mark is a slogan, logo or product name.

    4. The attorney must be capable to deal with the USPTO to resolve if any objections with the trademark application. Also the lawyer should mention briefs, which deal with any primary objections to register your trademark.

    5. Overall, the lawyer should be able to guide you on all aspects of trademark registering and filing. Also he/she will help you in handling the situation like getting a cease or a desist notice. This notice will occur when the party thinks their trademark has been violated upon. This notice will be assessed by an attorney who may give you with trademark advice.

    Source by Nancy P Shevell