Do I Really Need a DUI Defense Lawyer?


    Do I need a DUI Lawyer? If you have been arrested and are facing DUI charge, you are facing a very serious charge. DUI or Driving under the influence is considered to be a severe crime in every state and the consequences of an arrest or conviction are life-altering. It is in your best interest to research and find a professional DUI lawyer to help protect your rights when going to court.

    Some consequences of a DUI arrest include:

    *strong possibility of jail time

    *loss of job

    *loss or suspension of driver’s license

    *increase of insurance premiums, of insurance or complications in obtaining coverage

    *vehicle being impounded at time of arrest


    *community service

    *alcohol treatment/rehab and education

    Any one of these consequences will change your life significantly. With a lawyer at your side when facing a judge or jury you stand a better chance at facing the least severe of these consequences depending on your individual situation. An experienced DUI Lawyer knows the DUI laws in your state inside and out. Lawmakers in every state are constantaly introducing new bills to tighten the penalties for DUI offenders. It is very scary and intimidating when an individual has to face police, prosecutors and judges which is why it is important to find an experienced DUI Lawyer to help you through this process. With the assistance of an attorney the seriousness of your charges can be minimized or even help get them dismissed. In order to obtain positive results in your particular situation request a lawyer who specializes in cases of DUI.

    Source by Ramsey Lynn