Requirements For US Finance Visas


    The US finance visa (or KI visa) is a visa solution intended for use by those US citizens wishing to marry their foreign finances in the United States. When compared to immigration visa petitions that are marriage-based, the waiting period for the K1 finance visa is shorter.

    The primary requirement to obtain a US finance visa is that the petitioner should be a US citizen. Other requirements include:

    * The petitioner should have met the foreign finance in person within the two years prioring the filing of the petition with the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). However, this requirement may be waived by the Attorney General.

    * Both the petitioner and his / her finance should be legally free to marry.

    * The petitioner and foreign finance must get married within 90 days of the latter arriving in the US. This period is not extendable.

    * The foreign finance must not possess a criminal record and must have never violated laws of US immigration.

    * The petitioner should satisfy a minimum income requirement.

    * The petitioner should possess documents to prove his / her US citizenship and submit them to the USCIS when asked for. Those born in the US can submit a copy of the front and reverse side of their birth certificate as proof. Naturalized US citizens can submit a copy of their Certificate of Naturalization.

    In addition to proof of US citizenship, the petitioner is normally required to submit other supporting documents like valid passports, financial statements, proof of support, and one color photograph of himself / herself and the foreign finance along with the USCIS Form I-129F, the Petition for Alien Finance.

    The foreign finances can bring their children, if any, along with them to the US and get K-2 visas issued for them. For this, the children should be unmarried, under 21 and their names should be listed on Form I-129F. Once married in the US, the foreign national can become a United States Citizen by applying for Green Card through Marriage.

    Source by Reva Cruz