Men, Divorce, and Depression


    Divorce and depression often go hand-in-hand. If you are a man involved in divorce then there is better than a 70% chance that you're soon to be Ex filed it. Women are more than twice as likely as men to initiate a divorce. This comes to some men as a slap at their ego and it is depressing. This ego slap puts them off to a bad start in properly handling their divorce.

    For most men, the women take the initiative and put them at a disadvantage. The whole idea of ​​divorce can put you in a depression that you have just got to get hold of quickly, and get past. Many men procrastinate, and put off the preparation for their divorce and simply never put the elements together that they will need on the other side of the divorce to begin their new lives. Many men in spite of engaging a divorce lawyer are broken enough that they just outsource the whole divorce. Here's some news: no one cares more about your divorce out than you. Your lawyer is going to be paid anyway, probably in advance, and he or she is probably very busy. If you are not forthcoming with the information needed, with what you expect, they just will not have the time to keep calling you – and do you really want them calling you at their hourly rate?

    The bottom line is you just have to deal with the depression and you need to get your act together quickly. The good news is there will be a life on the other side and you really should not look at the divorce as a losing proposition. Rather understand that you can win this thing. First step though is to quickly get your head back into the game. If you think you are depressed now then you are in for an even ruder awakening on the other side of the divorce if you do not grab hold and get on top of the divorce.

    Legal issues that could potentially overshadow your life for years to come are about to be determined. You need to learn about the process so you can manage your case and your attorney.

    About the depression, there will be a good life on the other side of your divorce. It will be what you make of it, beginning now: why not make it a great life. Learn how to face and master this crisis in your life, move forward with confidence and without a reason to look back in regret for what you failed to do.

    Source by Renee Pullman