How Los Angeles Vehicle Accident Attorneys Respond to Clients’ Common Questions


    Do I have to stop after a vehicle accident?

    Certainly, as the Tort Law in California, you may be held liable for hit and run if you will not stop. Depending on the extent of harm and damages incurred, you may be fined and/or imprisoned along with the cancellation of your driver’s license. This is, even if you have not committed any fault or traffic violation that caused the accident.

    Henceforth, you should have a dialogue between the other parties and exchange some vital information. These include your:

    • Names
    • Driver’s license number
    • Vehicle identification number
    • Address
    • Contact information
    • Insurance company information and policy number

    Do I have to help someone who has been injured?

    Yes, you have an obligation to act accordingly and help those people who obtained injuries from the accident. If you lack adequate training on first aid procedures, better call any emergency response unit and take all the injured individuals to the nearest hospital for proper treatment and medication. The simplest way is dialing 911 to report the accident.

    In addition, you have to make sure that all these people are already on a safer place away from further dangers such as car explosion or fire and being hit by other vehicles on the area. Placing warning signs at the scene of the vehicle mishap is also advisable to inform the other motorists of such incident.

    Is it necessary to gather some facts from the accident scene?

    In most personal injury lawsuits filed in courts, the evidences played important role in achieving justice and suitable compensations. Thus, it is a must that you take an account of the things that transpired. Aside from the other driver’s personal information, you should record the following:

    • Names and contact information of possible witnesses including their own statement of the accident occurrence
    • Names and badge numbers of the police authorities that responded in the scene and where to get a copy of their report
    • An illustration of the vehicle accident that describe the positions of the vehicles and/or people involved
    • Weather and traffic conditions
    • Traffic signs that are possibly violated by the other parties

    It will also be helpful if you have a camera to take some pictures of the damages, physical injuries and the surroundings.

    Do I have to accept any fault?

    If you believe that the whole incident is due to your fault, it is highly recommended that you keep your shut and limit your words especially those that point out to your liability. There is a great probability that you are just mistaken of your idea that you are the only person to blame. Always remember that anything that you say may later be used against you.

    Contact your vehicle accident attorneys for proper advice. He will assess your case and assist you in whatever legal actions you need to pursue.

    How can I find a credible vehicle accident attorney?

    Many law offices and private practitioners are handling this type of cases in Los Angeles. You just have to make sure that your legal counsel has enough qualities in order to have better chances of winning your case.

    Determine his legal background and check his professional records. Never hire vehicle accident attorneys who have yet to win any case. It is also advisable to verify their names with the California Bar Association for possible injunctions.

    Source by Rainier Policarpio