How to Choose a Family Law Attorney


    There are many reasons to call an attorney. Adoptions, divorces and domestic violence are just some of the areas of family law that will require the help of a professional to ensure the process goes smoothly. But how does one make the decision about which attorney to call?

    Choosing a family law attorney is too important to simply pick the first name that comes up in a Google search. This professional will make all the difference in how smoothly the legal process flows and how fair the final judgment is. It is absolutely necessary to choose an attorney that makes the client feel comfortable and is well versed in the specific case that he is hired to oversee. An initial consultation can disclose plenty of information about whether an attorney is a good fit, as long as the right questions are asked.

    This initial consultation should be done in person if possible, to ensure the opportunity to check out the professionalism of the staff and the work environment. A family law attorney who will not make the time to talk to a client at an initial consultation probably won’t have time to talk to that same client once he is on the job. Use this time to thoroughly evaluate the specific law office and attorney to see if it is indeed a good fit.

    The first question should be about the experience of the family law attorney. Some attorneys will work in a number of different areas of law, while others will specialize in a particular field. Finding an attorney who works solely in family law will ensure that the professional chosen is well versed in all aspects of family law, from divorce to adoption and everything in between. This is the type of attorney that will provide the greatest expertise in these areas.

    While one should never select a family law attorney based solely on price, it is important to know how much the legal services will cost. Prospective clients should ask about the hourly rate for the attorney, and find out if other staff members will charge for their services separately. It is also a good idea to find out if other professionals will be utilized in the process, such as psychologists or private investigators, since these services do not come cheap. By asking the right questions, it is possible to get a rough idea of the cost of legal services before hiring a specific lawyer.

    It is also important to inquire about strategy and predictions for the specific case. It is perfectly legitimate to find out what sort of strategy a family law attorney would employ to win the case. It is also appropriate to ask what the odds are of winning the case, according to this same attorney. If the answers don’t inspire comfort and confidence, there is no reason why another attorney can’t be consulted for the sake of comparison.

    Finding the right family law attorney will make all the difference, no matter what type of case is involved. By scheduling an initial consultation and asking plenty of questions at this meeting, it will be much easier to find the attorney that is the right fit.

    Source by Justin DiMateo