How Real Estate Closings Lawyers Can Help You Close On Your Home


    The American dream of home ownership is still one of the most significant goals in our lives. When you purchase a home it is a time of true happiness and a wonderful dream come true. Buying a home will be the largest purchase with in most people’s lives. There can be many obstacles to delay the home buying process, which is why many people recommend using real estate closing lawyers. Closing lawyers can make the home closing process a smooth and easy transaction. Having a closing attorney can stop many of the hurdles that today’s home buyer’s face. Your closing attorney has a thorough knowledge of your local real estate closing laws. Here are a few ways that your closing lawyer will facilitate the purchase of your new home.

    Here is a quick overview of what your closing attorney does for you:

    • They will be at the closing table with you to make sure your home and property title is free and clear to be transferred into your name.
    • They will look over the closing documents and negotiate any changes that you wish to make.
    • They will make sure you understand all of the terms of the mortgage financing documents.
    • They will scrutinize all documents to make sure you are getting exactly what you agree to.
    • If any problems arise your attorney will fix them for you.
    • The closing attorney is involved in your closing to facilitate the sale and make your life easier.
    • They will make sure there are no back taxes owed on the property that you wish to purchase.

    Real estate closing lawyers will examine all of the title records to insure that the home has no judgments, liens or encumbrances that may delay the closing on the home and property. A closing attorney will make sure that the title is free and clear to be resold to you. A closing lawyer will then put together all of the closing documents and a closing attorney will tell you in layman’s terms what each document means before you sign them. A closing attorney will also disperse the funds, record all closing documents at the courthouse that will be a part of public record and put together title insurance documents. A closing attorney can make your home buying process a safe and easy process that will get you into your new home as soon as possible with no surprises that could delay your closing.

    Source by Michael Spence