The Benefits for Law Enforcement to Wear a Body Cam


    There is often controversy when law enforcement has to take immediate action. They have to assess the situation based on the information they have at the moment, body language from the other party, and their gut instincts. Once action is taken though, it is often criticised. There can also be issues with both sides of the story not being the same.

    This is why so many agencies now mandate recording devices. With a body worn camera police still have their hands free. This helps to ensure information can be collected as evidence of what took place. It can all happen so quickly that there can be factors unknown or forgotten. The images on that video though will give step by step frames of what occurred.

    The video can be played back again and again.This may be necessary for the investigation as well as in the courtroom. A body worn camera police device can help to protect someone and ensure they don’t lose their job. They don’t want to see their entire career go down the drain because of an incident they can’t proof unfolded the way they shared.

    Avoid Lawsuits

    Sadly, many individuals attempt to sue the police because they feel their rights were violated. With a body worn camera police can show the action they took and why. For example, someone may be saying excessive force was used on them by a police officer. Yet the footage captured can proof the force used was reasonable to control that particular situation.

    Follow the Procedures

    The footage can show the right procedures were followed. In any profession, you will have a few bad apples and law enforcement is no exception. Knowing they are being recorded can be a deterrent for any officer who has their own agenda. They aren’t going to be able to break the rules. With a body worn camera police are always held accountable.

    That is reassuring to the community because there have been stories in the media about bad cops. While they are the exception and not the rule, it does cast a cloud of suspicion over the entire professional. These cameras can show those wearing a badge are doing all they can to serve and protect.

    Convict Criminals

    The legal system says everyone has the right to present their case. It can be frustrating though when a defence attorney is able to get a criminal out of trouble due to reasonable doubt being introduced to the case. Quite often though, with a body worn camera police have footage recorded that incriminates that individual.

    Their defence attorney has the opportunity to look at that recorded information. What is seen and what is heard can be admissible in the courtroom. It is impossible to say your client may not have done the crime when it has been recorded like that! As a result, more criminals can be convicted and taken off the streets. They aren’t going to be getting away with it!

    Learning Tool

    Officers put their lives on the line every single day. They have to be alert and they need to implement the best practices. One of the valuable uses of a body worn camera police benefit from is learning. Recorded information can be used to teach what was done well and what should have been done differently in a given scenario.

    Such learning can help save lives in future scenarios. It can help officers to broaden their sense of knowledge so they can make good choices when they are faced with decisions to make in a hurry.

    Source by Mohammed Ejaz