7 Documents You'll Need When Consulting With a Personal Injury Lawyer


    If you have suffered an injury that was caused by a third party and wish to receive compensation, it is important to quickly schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer as many states have statues of limitations, which limit the amount of time you have to file a claim. When you attend your consultation, you should bring the following seven documents, so your attorney can properly assess your case.

    1. Your Notes About the Accident

    As soon as you have the time, write down everything you remember about the accident. Be as detailed as possible. It is easy to forget important details that may have an effect on the outcome of your claim.

    Try to answer the following questions about the accident when you are writing down your notes.

    – What was the date and time of the accident?

    – What happened before the accident?

    – What happened during the accident?

    – Where were you?

    – What was the condition of your surroundings?

    – Were there any witnesses to the accident?

    – Who did you talk to at the scene of the accident, and what was said?

    Be sure to write about any pain you are feeling and any conversations you had with your doctor.

    2. Accident Report

    Possibly, the most important document you should have at your consultation is an accident report.

    If your accident occurred at your workplace or a business, an incident report should have been completed by the business owner or supervisor. Ask for a copy of the incident report. If the business refuses to give you a copy of the report, contact an attorney. It may be necessary to file a claim before the business will give you a copy of the incident report.

    If you had a vehicle accident, an accident report should have been filled out by a police officer. The report should name the individuals who were involved in the accident, how the accident happened, the insurance information for the individuals involved in the accident, the names and contact information of witnesses, and any citations that were given.

    3. Pictures

    Pictures can help your attorney determine the amount of damage that was caused by your accident.

    If you were in a car accident, you should take pictures of your vehicle, any other vehicles that were involved, the place where the accident occurred, license plates, and your injuries.

    Remember to take pictures of your injuries as they heal because the pictures can help your attorney estimate the cost of future treatment.

    4. Pay Stubs

    If you had to miss work due to your accident, you will need to take pay stubs with the contact information of the company that performs your payroll to your consultation. Your pay stubs will be used to verify the amount of wages you will lose.

    5. Hospital Records and Bills

    You will need to take your hospital bills, discharge papers, prescription receipts, and any other medical documents you received because of your accident. Your medical records and bills will be used to determine how much your treatment is expected to cost.

    6. Health Insurance Policy or Card

    Your attorney will need to know if you have health insurance to cover the cost of your medical treatment. If you have insurance, your attorney will also want to know how much of your medical care the policy will cover.

    7. Auto Insurance Policy

    If you were in a car accident, you should take the declaration page of your auto insurance to your consultation. The declaration page gives details about your insurance policy and coverage.

    When you have gathered all the necessary documents, you are ready to schedule your consultation with a personal injury lawyer .

    Source by Eugenie Ybarra