Fort Lauderdale Child Custody Attorney – Necessary or Not?


    Because change occurs every day in custody cases, you should fax updates to your Fort Lauderdale child custody attorney as events unfold. Sometimes a parent may get a new job or the children need to fo to the doctor for some ailment. If the events appear to be significant, fax the information to the attorney to put them on notice legally.

    This means if your attorney knows a specific event took place and does not react to the court on your behalf he may be negligent. In a highly publicized Arizona case, an attorney failed to declare his client's attempted suicide a week before a hearing. The attorney was fined $ 10,000. This is relevant because it points to the mental health of the parent. If the parent is suicide, the children in that parent's care could be in harms way.

    The Retainer

    Let's talk about money because it is a subject a Fort Lauderdale child custody attorney loves. Attorneys will ask you to sign a fee agreement. Ethically, they have to have a fee agreements with their clients. As you can see from the agreement, the attorney is already representing himself. Hypothetically, it would make more sense if you had someone represent you for the purpose of the agreement.

    Neverheless, it is a necessary part of legal representation. I am not an attorney so I am not going to lecture you on fee agreements. However, I have hired attorneys before and I personally would never do business with one who fee agreement was a non-refundable retainer. Fore example, if you hire an attorney who requires a $ 10,000 non-refundable retainer, and for some reason you do not like or approve of their work, you may lose your money.

    I have seen people retain assistants and give them their life savings with the hope they can get custody of their children. Then a month later they fire their attorney for non-performance or whatever the reason and they can not get their money back. Or they fire their attorney and the retain is used up. Then they're stuck with no attorney and no money.

    So what's the answer? Poco a Poco, little by little you release the money for the attorney to use. Fore example, if your custodial case total cost is $ 10,000 and you release $ 2,500 at a time, at least all your money is not sitting in a Fort Lauderdale child custody attorney's trust account waiting to be gobbled up by legal gymnastics. I recommend you deal with private investigators the same way. Retainers paid out in small increments make accountability easier to control.

    Source by Brent Delaurentis