What Are Your DUI Defenses When Charged?


    If you have been rolled over and charged with a driving under the influence infraction, understanding what your DUI Defenses are is very important. If you have never been in trouble with the law or stopped for this problem, there are some ways to lessen your punishment.

    Each state has different laws and guidelines when it comes to driving under the influence. Some have less harsh penalties for those who are first time offenders. The first thing you should do is find an attorney who has experience in dealing with these types of cases in your state and even in your county. The counties can also have their own laws that differ from what the state will set. They can be harsher than just the state depending on what has gone on in that county. There are so many penalties that you could receive from jail time, fines, and losing your licenses. Losing your license is one of the most feared because this not only affects you but the people around you. You can not drive to work or pick up your children. This can cause more ripple effects in your life than just the DUI can.

    The attorney you hire should have experience in defending these cases. They can explain to you what you need to know before going to court and how to handle yourself in the proceedings. They can sometimes fight for lesser punishments and shortened jail time or no jail time.

    Depending on your liability you can sometimes get away with paying fines and probation. If you should be stopped again while on this probation you can have some more serious punishments handed down. The best defense you can have is having an experienced attorney and office that knows how the laws in your state and county work and how to work with the sentences in the case. They can consult with you and prepare you for what you will face when walking in the courtroom.

    Be aware that if you are convinced this can not only affect your current employment but future employment as well. People are turned down for jobs because this shows up on your background checks and records. Should you have a few drinks you must be responsible. You can have a designated driver and prevent the possibility of a DUI. Talk with your DUI attorney and find out all you need to know before going to court. They can help you to defend yourself and get the least amount of punishment possible. The best way to defend yourself is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Never drive when you have had any type of drink, no matter how many you have consumed. Always be on the safer side when it comes to drinking and driving.

    Source by John Kirzno