DUI Lawyer Associations


    A DUI lawyer association is a group of professional attorneys who all practice DUI or drunk driving defense and have all achieved some level of minimum standards of proficiency that the DUI association requires in order to be a member.

    Different DUI associations will have different requirements and it’s important to take a look at how difficult or prestigious membership is in each one. We’ll list some general guidelines for you below.

    If you are arrested for a DUI or drunk driving related offense you’ll want to select your DUI lawyer based on the different professional associations that they are members of, more specifically the expert DUI associations that they are members in good standing with. This guarantees you that the attorney focuses on DUI defense and has experience handling cases just like yours.

    When evaluating a DUI lawyer you’ll want to take a look at several different aspects of the professional career. Here are some things for you to look for when evaluating the strength of the DUI association that the lawyer is a member of:

    * Do they require that the DUI lawyer focus their entire practice exclusively on DUI defense, or is it just a certain percentage of their practice? If so, what is that percentage?

    * Are there detailed training programs that the DUI lawyer is required to attend in order to be a member of the professional DUI lawyer association?

    * How long has the DUI association been in existence?

    Overall the more a DUI lawyer associates with relevant professional associations the more capable he or she will be to handle your case.

    Source by Tim H