DUI Defense Lawyer – Working With Tact


    Don’t think it’s all over, in case you are caught driving while drunk. There are many defenses with the DUI defense lawyer to rescue such people. The prosecution is bogged down with the task of proving every aspect of case outside the limits of reasoning. Therefore, what you need to do is create just a reasonable doubt in any one aspect and lo, your case gets strong! DUI lawyers can do this skillfully.

    So what if the machine revealed that you were drunk beyond the legal limit? You can still be proved innocent! Thanks to a number of DUI defenses available, a dui defense lawyer can easily wipe off the blot of DUI from your collar. However, before you jump into conclusions, it’s wise to have a look into what actually the DUI law does say.

    When Is It Legal To Drink And Drive?

    Drinking and driving becomes illegal only when you exceed a certain limit and get under the influence of alcohol. ‘Influence’ means that it begins to affect your concentration, reasoning power, and physical abilities that are required for safe driving. Under this situation, you not only pose a threat to your own life, but also to the life of others. You become more prone to causing accidents, as your reflex actions slow down and you are not able to take decisions fast.

    Every state has different limits for alcohol influence and you should know them before getting behind the wheels with the bottle.

    How DUI Defense Lawyer Uses Defense?

    The best DUI lawyer knows how and what defenses to use with tact. One of the defenses is associated with the credibility of results of chemical tests. Now, certain people are not eligible for testing for breath on account of dental disorders. These disorders lead to the trapping of alcohol in their mouth. This leads to incorrect test results.

    There is yet another condition that can save you. It’s called persistent heartburn (GERD). It also leads to error in breath testing results. Here’s an amazing fact – in order to show a .10 on machine for breath testing, it takes from a millionth to a billionth of an ounce of alcohol! When this happens, you are considered to be under the influence of alcohol.

    At this point of time, you need a DUI defense lawyer or an online DUI lawyer to analyze the case and prevent you from being convicted for crime.

    Source by Saurabh K Jain